Pennyghael Estate on Mull offers traditional highland field sports
the most
stunning location

the Sporting Estate

Stag, hind and mixed shooting throughout the season, with individually tailored packages including self catering accommodation for a very special sporting experience.

Pennyghael Estate offers sporting weeks and days throughout the shooting season. With around 10,000 acres of hill and wild land and the expert guidance of our resident Estate Manager, the Pennyghael sporting experience is a very special one.

One of Scotland's most iconic species, the magnificent red deer is one of Britain's largest native land mammals. Pennyghael Estate enjoys a well managed herd, often producing stags of good consistent weight and quality heads.  

Graeme Sinclair, who has been managing Pennyghael for the past three years comments, "I have worked with deer for the last 40 years, and I am very proud to have improved the continued development of the herd.  The habitat of Pennyghael makes for a unique stalking experience from beautiful and memorable open hill with sea cliff to mixed woodland stalking - when it is not unusual to 'call' a rutting stag".

A day on the hill

After the rifles have been zeroed and with fair weather and wind “it’s a-way to the tops”, which is a Highland saying for stalking the mountains.  It will not be long before the inner Hebridean islands of Islay and Jura, along with Gorrie's Leap and the Carsaig Arches come into view. With poorer weather, plan A may become plan B – into the woodlands, which are a mix of commercial and native species.

Listening is as important as spying for your stalking adventure. You stalk into the stag roaring and when close enough the stalker will try and call the stag in to view, in order to assess its age and condition. This is usually proceeded by crashing branches or perhaps just the ghostly appearance of the stag, which on occasions can be very close.  A real Pennyghael experience!

Shooting Weeks

Stag, hind and mixed shooting week's packages are available from September to February including Estate self-catering accommodation. Sporting packages, starting from £2100, are tailored to guest's requests and can include the following:

Stag week - 5 stags
Hind week - 8/9 hind and calves
Mixed week - 8/9 hind and calves, 1 or 2 days rough shooting and duck flight (2 or 3 guns). Additional guns by arrangement.

Wild goat and feral Soay sheep are also available as part of a sporting package.

Single Day Shoots

Pennyghael Estate offers rough shooting single days or as part of a mixed package of sport - hinds and game shooting for pheasant, ducks, geese, partridge and woodcock.

Your package

We'll do our best to personalise your package to meet your individual requests. To find out more and to discuss your requirements, please contact our Estate Manager, Graeme Sinclair, by email at